Pique asked Barcelona fans to stop jeer at Ramos

On the pitch, Barcelona and Real Madrid may carry a high level of rivalry, even influencing tension during the match. Even so, the rivalry must prioritize the values of sportsmanship, maturity, and humanity. That seems to be conveyed by Gerard Pique to Barcelona fans.

As is known, Barcelona and Real Madrid did face each other for the first time this season, Thursday morning WIB (19/12) yesterday. The match itself ended anticlimax with both teams unable to score until the long whistle sounded the referee. However, there are some interesting incidents that occur throughout the game.

Including one of them is ridicule and ridicule addressed by Barcelona fans to the Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos. In the match of the 17th week of 2019-2020 La Liga, Ramos was indeed the target of the home team’s supporters’ scorn. Of course, the scorn is related to the attitude and comments of the Spanish national team players lately about Barcelona.

However, defender Gerard Pique did not seem to accept the taunts of Barcelona fans, he was seen waving his hand at the stands and moving his fingers, giving gestures so that supporters did not take the negative action. What Pique did was recorded on camera and spread by TV Gol.

In fact, this is not the first time for former Manchester United players to do that. Last season, the Spanish national team defender was also seen making a similar gesture, also to Barcelona supporters who scoffed at Ramos during the match at Camp Nou. At that time, Real Madrid were surprisingly swallowed by a final score of 1-5 from Barcelona.

Actually, Pique and Ramos are known to often throw comments at each other in front of the media crew, such as mutual sarcasm. But on the other hand, both are fairly close, although each defended a club that has high rivalry and both are often seen as a picture of the feud between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This is understandable, because after all they both are the backbone for the Spanish National Team, especially in defense.

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