Phil Foden apologies regarding “incident” in the England national team

Manchester City’s Phil Foden finally issued a statement of apology, regarding the fact that he had violated strict rules regarding health protocol while with the England National Team.

For information, Phil Foden along with other young players of The Three Lions, Mason Greenwood were caught bringing a woman into a hotel room after the match against Iceland.

It is clear that his behavior has violated the rules of health protocol in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from the rules of the protocol, Foden also considered not appreciating the preparations made by the England national team ahead of the match against the Danish national team.

As a result, this action made the player have to be eliminated from the England National Team.

Foden then uploaded a post on his personal Twitter account containing an apology to all parties for the wrong he had done.

“Following the news that emerged today regarding my actions in Iceland, I would like to issue an apology. I apologize to Gareth Southgate, my England team-mate, staff, staff as well as the club and family,”

“When I was called up by Gareth for these matches, my first reaction was immense pride. To be able to wear the senior team shirt on my debut with England is an extraordinary privilege,” he wrote.

Furthermore, Foden admitted that he was aware that he could not act arbitrarily as a representative of Manchester City and the England National Team. But, he also hopes that the public will understand the fact that he is young.

“I am a young player who has a lot to learn, but I recognize the huge responsibility I have as a representative for Manchester City and England at this level,”

“On this occasion, I made a bad decision and my behavior did not meet the expected standard. I violated the Covid-19 protocol established to protect myself and my teammates in England.”

“As a consequence, I will miss the opportunity to visit Denmark with the squad, and it hurts. I have learned valuable lessons from this mistake and I hope Gareth and the team will be blessed with good luck this week,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 8 September 2020 | blog