Perpetrators of rape threat finally been arrested, Syifa Hadju relieved

The beautiful actress of the country, Syifa Hadju was finally able to breathe freely, because the account users who sent threats of rape and murder against her, had been arrested by the police.

As is known, the 19-year-old actress did indeed get a threat from an Instagram account user without identity. In a direct message sent, the perpetrators threatened to rape and kill Syifa Hadju.

At first, the actress who played in the mermaid in love soap opera ignored the threat. But the more here, the threat is increasingly disturbing. Syifa finally could not stand it after the user also threatened her family and closest people.

The actress reports the account to the authorities. After a fairly short process, the police finally succeeded in apprehending the threat.

“So, thank God, from our team that yesterday conducted an investigation, since this report was received, indeed we immediately sought out who owns the accounts that pose a threat to sister SH,”

“Thank God we have found his identity today, precisely yesterday we made an arrest and today we have secured it, we take it to the South Tangerang District Police,” said Kasat Reskrim, South Tangerang District Police, AKP Muharram Wibisono.

Further explanation said that the culprit was arrested at his residence in Karanganyar, Central Java last Sunday morning (01/03). It is known, it turns out that the initials HA is only 25 years old and running a photocopy business.

In addition, HA also apparently did not continue his education after not graduating from high school.

“From the initial information, I was already in school until high school, but I didn’t graduate,” Muharram Wibisono continued.

What’s interesting is, the police revealed the motives behind the threat. It turns out HA himself is one of the big fans of Syifa Hadju. It’s just that he looked upset and hurt, because his message never replied by his idol.

Finally, HA is determined to make threats with the aim of attracting the attention of the idol. Unfortunately, this method actually made him have to languish behind bars.

However, the police also explained that HA had apologized to Syifa Hadju, and that he was quite cooperative when he was interrogated, although initially he did not admit his actions.

Penulis: | 3 Maret 2020 | blog