Son Heung gets inspiration from CR7

Son Heung Min can be said to be one of the dangerous goal machines on the domestic and European stage this season. Tottenham became a team that felt a big change in the player who successfully helped them to reap some important points including making sure to go to the Champions League quarter-finals this season.

Responding to the increase in Son Heung Min’s performance, he claimed to get inspiration from the game of his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. Referring to his career with Tottenham, Son is fairly new to being able to get a core position slowly.

Nevertheless, Son’s figure remains crucial in the game of Mauricio Pochettino’s team. Records prove that now, Son has made 16 goals and nine assists from 36 appearances. This result gave Son the feasibility of providing Tottenham with a contract extension until 2023 in July.

The contract extension provides Son’s salary increase to 150 thousand pounds per week. February is the month that Son made the world football scene excited. In four matches, this South Korean-born player successfully listed his name on the scoreboard. To the extent that in the two matches, Son’s name was chosen as man of the match.

This achievement would not have been possible if Son had not worked hard like Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Son, Ronaldo’s figure is a fact that deserves to be exemplified about ‘hard work beyond talent’.

“I know being a professional is more than just a talent. Like my idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, who practices more than the talent he has. I see there are many players who don’t have a mentality, who think that having talent is enough. But no, that is something you have to do extra, “said Son.

Son’s achievements at this time may have stopped if he joined the military service in 2018. Luckily for Son because the achievements of the South Korean national team at the 2018 Asian Games make it possible to escape the rules.

“The tournament was very big, not between me and, when it was something big, I would feel very happy and proud to win it; proud of my country, proud of my teammate,”

“As I said before, I did not aim to avoid compulsory military service. My goal is simply to be a great soccer player – all the time. “This is one part of that,” concluded Son.

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