Pep Guardiola gave supports to Arteta at Arsenal

Arsenal finally ‘agreed’ one of the speculations heard in the European media lately, that they would appoint one of the former club players, Mikel Arteta to become a permanent coach. Sure enough, on Saturday morning WIB (21/12), the Gunners were officially Mikel Arteta as Arsenal permanent coach.

For information, Arsenal does not have a permanent coach since firing Unai Emery some time ago. The Spanish coach was thrown out of the manager’s seat following a series of negative results obtained by the club earlier this season. The Gunners had appointed Freddie Ljunberg to become temporary manager.

Unfortunately, under the direction of the Swedish man, it could be said that Arsenal’s performance did not improve, instead it tends to deteriorate. Of the four matches, the Gunners only won one win and two defeats. No wonder so many parties later urged that the north London club immediately appoint a new coach.

There are several figures who were advised to Arsenal, including Carlo Ancelotti and Massimilliano Allegri. Both are experienced famous trainers who are currently unemployed. But Arsenal would prefer an inexperienced coach, not even having the experience of being a manager, he is Mikel Arteta.

Yes, Arteta, who for the last season worked as Pep Guardiola’s assistant in Manchester City, was officially appointed by Arsenal to become a permanent manager. Interestingly, Guardiola had recommended Arteta to continue his work at Manchester City. However, Pep Guardiola claimed he could not do much if Arteta wanted to leave.

He can only support his former assistant to achieve success as an Arsenal coach.

“I always talk the same thing with my players and assistants. If they want to move, then I don’t want to hold them. Arteta knew what I wanted and also the club, after that I could not do anything else. “If he survives well, but if he moves to Arsenal, then I always pray my best for him,” pep Guardiola told reporters.

Meanwhile, Arteta himself agreed to a three-and-a-half-year contract at Arsenal, or rather until 2023.

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