Pep Guardiola calls Liverpool’s standards too high

Seven points is indeed a distance that can still be pursued by Manchester City in the rest of the season, as those points separate them from Liverpool as the top standings. City were displaced from the standings throne, after swallowing 2 successive defeats during the past week. As the coach, Pep Guardiola himself stressed that his team’s performance this season was quite good, except that the standards set by Liverpool were too high to match at this time.

As is known, Liverpool managed to coup Manchester City from the top of the standings with an unbeaten record throughout the first 20 matches of the season, including when they beat Arsenal through a landslide score of 5-1 in the morning. Whereas Manchester City must be willing to be evicted from the summit after taking two consecutive defeats, each against Crystal palace and Leicester city. As a result of these two defeats, City were not only eliminated from the summit, but also shifted by Tottenham hotspur from 2nd place.

Now, the champions are defending 7 points behind Liverpool at the top, of course this fact is disappointing. However, coach Pep Guardiola stressed that collecting 44 points from 19 matches was not a bad thing, even fairly good, only the standard set by Liverpool, where they only conceded 8 goals from 20 parties and scored too many goals to match.

“We actually played well in this season. Getting 44 points in the first round is not a bad thing. If you get 44 more points in the second round, you will get 88 points, which is enough to make you a champion. In the last 20 years, the majority of the teams that won the EPL have fewer points [from 88 points]. ”

“Then in the last two games we lost against Crystal Palace and Leicester. Now, there are two teams that are better than us [Liverpool and Tottenham]. What can we say when Liverpool make lots of goals and clean sheets? We can’t compete with that. Therefore, we must see ourselves. Against Southampton, we have to do our work, and try to win. If that happens, everything will return to normal,” told Guardiola at a news conference.

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