Pecco Bagnaia is not disappointed because They are failed to win in Qatar

Ducati Lenovo Team riders, Francesco Bagnaia or Pecco Bagnaia did not necessarily feel disappointed because of their failure to win in the first series of MotoGP 2021 at the Losail Qatar Circuit yesterday. According to him getting on the podium was enough.

Pecco Bagnaia started with Pole Position where he managed to keep his lead for a long time before being overtaken by Maverick Vinales on lap 15. He was also overtaken by Johann Zarco and Joan Mir, fortunately in the end he managed to finish in 3rd position.

Indeed, it looks disappointing for a rider to lose the front position, but not for Pecco Bagnaia. Not without reason, he saw how through the 2020 season yesterday with disappointing results.

For information, last season Bagnaia actually did get on the podium at San Marino and led 15 laps in the Emilia Romagna series, he had suffered a fractured leg injury due to a severe accident in the Czech Republic.

In short, the rider is satisfied that he can start this season’s campaign by grabbing a podium.

“I am disappointed, but not necessary. If you remember the second half of last season where I often crashed and made a lot of mistakes, now I’m just happy. Ducati machines deserve to be on the podium.”

“I’ve tried everything, until there are tire marks on my racing shirt. When Maverick passed, I tried to follow him, but he immediately ‘ran away’, “he said.

However, Bagnaia is aware that his failure to maintain the leading position was due to the wrong strategy and playing too hard which then caused his tires to wear out.

“I applied the wrong strategy, immediately put myself in front and was too persistent. As a result, midway through the race, I had trouble with the rear tires.”

“Today’s conditions are different from trials. I thought I could keep the tire until the end, in fact it was difficult. The right side is really worn out, “he said.

For this reason, Bagnaia also called on engineers to analyze existing data in order to be better at the next race.

“Now we have to analyze all the data and make changes to improve the corner exit, because I am comfortable in braking and in the middle of the corner. We have to study the data, everything can be adjusted. This is just a matter of setup,” he concluded.

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