Paulo Dybala spoke up about racism issues

Juventus star, Paulo Dybala also spoke out about the issue of racism which has recently become a worldwide discussion. Based on his personal experience, racism is still a threat to many people in Italy, including football players.

The issue of racism has been around for a long time, but was later raised again following the case of George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. The case has led to criticism of racists, not only in the US but also throughout the world.

In Italy itself, racism is still a disease that should be quickly eradicated. Football there is also not really clean from the issue of racism. The same thing was also recognized by Paulo Dybala, where according to him Racism was still rampant everywhere.

Although it was difficult for him to position himself as a victim of racism, Dybala saw his own colleagues who were victims. Not only because their skin color is different, but not infrequently racism arises because of the person’s home country.

“Sometimes it is difficult to position yourself in the position of others who suffer from racism, because you are not really a victim, because you have never felt it.

However, you know what happens because you have teammates who are victims of racism not only because of their skin color. But also because of their country of origin, which is considered bad by others, “Dybala told CNN.

What was Dybala’s disappointment was the fact that in Italy, especially in Serie A, racists did not get severe sanctions, so there was no deterrent effect. Therefore, the Argentine player hopes that sanctions against racists will be heavier.

“Many stadiums in Italy have carried out racism in a number of players. This has happened to Mario Balotelli, also happened to Pjanic. And I think the punishment in Italy must be more severe, “Dybala continued.

Indeed, unlike in England, where racists do receive very heavy sanctions, even they are prohibited from coming to the stadium for life, racist perpetrators in Italy tend to get lighter sanctions.

In addition to Dybala, there are many parties who urge that sanctions for perpetrators of racism be increased.

Penulis: | 10 Juni 2020 | blog