Paul Pogba will not leave Manchester United in 2020 January

During the first half of this season, one of the transfer issues that was widely reported by the British media was the issue of Pogba’s departure from Manchester United. Many believe that the French National team midfielder is likely to leave in 2020 January. However, claims coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said Pogba would not leave Old Trafford.

In fact, the issue of Pogba’s departure was widely heard in the transfer market last summer, even the player himself repeatedly confirmed by gesture. However, in the end he stayed at Old Trafford, because his condition was injured.

It’s just that, Pogba’s third season along with the Red Devils did not go well, in fact he only played in six matches in the English Premier League, and again had to pull over because of injury, precisely since last September. Injuries make Pogba fail to appear again for the Red Devils. However, he is now back in training and ready to return to grazing.

Apart from these injuries, Pogba is said to still intend to leave Old Trafford on the occasion of the upcoming January 2020 winter transfer window. But coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave a signal that the player would be retained by the Red Devils.

“Pogba is a fantastic player with character, I think almost everyone likes his presence in this team. All news that develops is just a theory. I make sure he survives here. When he returns he will play well with his trademark smile and he will act again as he did when he first arrived here. ”

“He is very important for this team, everyone knows he is one of the best in the world. He needs time to get back in shape and I’m sure he will make a difference, we are ready to help him, “Solskjaer said.

Furthermore, Solskjaer hopes that Pogba can recover 100 percent and be ready to play, but he will not force if his condition is not yet fit.

“I hope he can return before the New Year. I will not force him. We need him to be 100 percent fit, I do not dare to take risks. He practiced, but not with us. That’s the good news, he has started training again,” said the manager.

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