Paul Pogba predicted will be back to Juventus

Speculation of Paul Pogba’s future is back in conversation, most recently there was a comment from former Juventus, Mohamed Sissolo, who believed that the French midfielder would return to the Bianconneri’s arms.

Yes, the issue of Pogba’s return to Juventus is actually not new. The reports have started to emerge when Pogba revealed his plan to leave Manchester United in the 2019 summer transfer market.

Meanwhile, in the transfer market last summer, a well-known Italian journalist, Fabrizio Romano, claimed that Pogba would have returned to Turin if the Covid-19 Pandemic had not existed.

This transfer speculation also seemed to be getting stronger when Pogba’s transfer agent, Mino Raiola said that his client was not happy with his life in England and was planning to leave in the summer transfer market.

The transfer news provoked several parties to comment, including the former Juventus midfielder, Mohammed Sissoko, who made 100 appearances for the Bianconneri.

In his prediction, Pogba will return to Juventus, sooner or later.

This is because it leads to what Pogba’s transfer agent said some time ago. However, Sissoko is not sure this transfer will materialize in the winter.

“For me, he will return to Juventus. He does not have enough space at Manchester United,”

“His agent has said that he will not renew his contract. I doubt he will come back in the winter, it could be that he will buy Juventus in the summer,” the 35-year-old told

Indeed, previously there was news that Juventus planned to make the transfer happen in January, but it was canceled because the club’s finances were also affected by the Pandemic.

Even so, it seems that Juventus are indeed interested in reuniting with Pogba, when seen from the words of sporting director Fabio Paratici last November.

“We all care about Pogba, one of the former players who gave a lot to Juventus, but it is too early to talk about future targets,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

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