Panenka Penalty: It looks easy, but requires high courage

Panenka Penalty is one of the most popular Penalty techniques in soccer. At first glance, this technique does look easy, does not require extra energy, but high courage is an absolute requirement to do it.

This technique was first introduced by Antonin Panenka, 40 years ago. At that time, Panenka defended Czechoslovakia national team, playing in the final of Euro 1976 against West Germany.

Because the game ended in a draw, a shootout was also done to determine who won. Panenka advanced as one of the executors and successfully demonstrated a unique but classy penalty technique.

Along with the success of his penalty technique, and the success of Czechoslovakia became champions at that time, the penalties technique became popular and is known as the Panenka Penalty.

After that there were a number of top players who tried to apply a similar technique, but the success rate was very small. In fact, the experience and high technique of a player does not guarantee that the trick will succeed.

For example, Andrea Pirlo, we know exactly the quality of this AC Milan and Italian legend. But in fact, he failed when he first tried the Panenka technique against Barcelona at a meeting in Trofeo Joan Gamper 10 years ago.

Then don’t forget the disappointing moment of goalkeeper Mickael Landreau, with a good record from point 12 fitting. His Harvest trick failed, which wasted the opportunity to bring Nantes to win the 2004 French League Cup final against Sochaux in the final.

There are many more examples of failures from this penalty, because it does not only require technical skills and experience, but courage and high calmness.

Even so, that does not mean that only a few players have succeeded in applying this harvest penalty. For example, Francesco Totti, who played a role in bringing Italy to defeat the Netherlands in a penalty shootout in the semifinal of Euro 2000.

Zidane even did it at the 2006 World Cup final against Italy, unfortunately at that time France failed to win.

Lionel Messi also tried the harvest technique several times, with a success rate of 100 percent. Then there is also defender Sergio Ramos, the Real Madrid captain, who often demonstrates the technique.

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