Owen predicts Liverpool will “surprise” King Power Stadium

A fierce duel will take place on Friday’s Boxing Day tomorrow, between the top standings, Liverpool and its closest rival, Leicester City, who are in the second. Related to the match, one Manchester United legend, Michael Owen predicts that the Marseyside Team will be able to bring home three points.

For information, currently Liverpool are still very sturdy at the top of the Premier League standings, with a total of 49 points from 17 matches that have been played. They are 10 points ahead of Leicester City, who finished second. So far, Jurgen Klopp’s team appear superior with still unbeaten in the Premier League.

From total of 17 games that have been played, Liverpool have managed to record 16 wins and have been once held to a draw. Not to mention, the fact that they still have one match that hasn’t been played, after playing in the Club World Cup event over the past week.

Yes, Liverpool squad has just returned from Qatar. They successfully won the 2019 Club World Cup title after defeating CONMEBOL deputy, Flamengo in the final round with a thin score of 1-0. Now Liverpool will visit Leicester headquarters in week 19 of the Premier League. Then, because the match took place at the King Power Stadium, The Reds were predicted to have difficulty reaching perfect points.

However, Michael Owen has a different prediction, he believes Liverpool will further strengthen its position at the top of the standings by taking home three points from the trip to the King Power Stadium.

“The top two teams will face each other at King Power and Leicester will look for ways to cut the gap at the top of the table against Liverpool, who won the first match 2-1 at Anfield at the start of the season,”

“The Reds added the Club World Cup to their Champions League in Qatar on Saturday while the Foxes lost to Manchester City at Etihad. I expect league leaders to strengthen their position at the top of the table,” according to Owen told BetVictor.

Under Liverpool and Leicester City, there is Manchester City stalking with 38 points, if Leicester City loses, practically the second position will be taken by Pep Guardiola’s team.

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