Ouch! Sex dolls unboxing videos viral on Youtube

Nowadays, Youtube is like a media to get to know many things, from beautiful places to technology. Speaking of technology, not a few YouTube channels that upload videos unboxing a variety of interesting gadgets, ranging from smartphones to laptops. But the latest and hot topic of discussion is unboxing sex dolls or robots!

Admittedly, technology continues to develop, with its main role clearly lightening human work. For example, cell phones that used to only function to send messages and telephones have now evolved with various functions such as cameras, playing video games and many other things.

In fact, technology not only helps Humans in lightening their daily work, but also in other matters such as sexual needs, with the existence of a tool called the Sex Toys. Over time, Sex Toys have experienced significant development, not only sex toys but sex dolls are now also increasingly sophisticated. Sex doll technology now leads to robotic technology with a variety of features offered in it.

Believe it or not, but on YouTube there are now emerging sex doll product reviews. Of course this kind of video is inappropriate for underage viewers. This video review is about how to unload sex dolls from the box. There is also a matter of accessories provided such as wigs and others.

As reported by a number of Australian media, there are also videos that feature a review of the sex robot itself and the latest technology offered. For information, sex robot is a sex doll that is designed in such a way that it is very similar to Humans, not even just body parts, the movements are also similar.

Not only that, some sex robots even carry technology that can regulate the body temperature of the robot itself so that it is the same as human body temperature in general. This robot is also equipped with sensors to respond to touch. Some are already equipped with artificial intelligence.

In some types, sex robots can also carry out several commands such as expressing emotions and singing. In fact, there are manufacturers who claim their robots have an emotional connection with their owners. The number of viewers is predictable, incredible a lot. Various comments were also written by netizens, some were pros and some were cons.

Penulis: | 5 Desember 2019 | blog