One podium, Fabio Quartararo asks for photos with Rossi

Fabio Quartararo’s victory in the Second MotoGP Series this season feels more complete seeing the Idol, Valentino Rossi also went up to the podium with him. This opportunity was then used by El Diablo to take pictures with the Legendary Rider.

As is known, Fabio Quartararo managed to defend the victory when diving Second MotoGP Series at the Jerez Circuit, Spain last Sunday (07/26).

In this race, Quartararo who started in Pole Position immediately shot to be the fastest to the finish line. Interestingly, two other riders who climbed the podium three large also came from Yamaha.

They are Maverick Vinales who finished second while Valentino Rossi is ranked third.

The Doctor’s success on the podium again made Fabio Quartararo happy. Because since he knew yesterday he claimed he did not think he could share the track with the legend as well as the idoala.

Now, after taking the podium with Quartararo, he was so happy that he asked to take a photo with Rossi at the parc ferme.

“It feels really amazing! The first thing I did when Vale was about to take a photo with his motorcycle and board number 3, I asked, ‘Can I take a photo?'”

“This time the podium is really fun, because Vale has been my idol for a long time. Racing with him alone is amazing, especially next to the podium when I won the second victory. This is the perfect racing week!” the story of Quartararo to Matt Birt via

No less interesting, the two riders will switch places next season. Fabio Quartararo will certainly defend the manufacturer’s team, Monster Energy Yamaha with Maverick Vinales.

While Valentino Rossi, who is now 42 years old, is claimed to have almost certainly moved to Petronas Yamaha SRT, although he has not yet signed a contract because he still determines his crew members.

Fabio Quartararo’s victory in the Second Series has further added to the confidence of the French rider. The reason, he also won the first series on the same circuit two weeks ago, where it was his debut debut in the highest class.

As for Maverick Vinales, this is the second time in a row that he has become the second fastest in the 2020 season.

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