Officially resigned from Barcelona, ​​Eric Abidal admits he failed

Eric Abidal is confirmed to have officially separated from Barcelona. This French legend decided to resign from his position as technical director of the Catalan giants.

Indeed, Abidal is a club legend who has a long history with the Catalan giants. He defended Barcelona for approximately six years and won a number of prestigious trophies, including two of them the European Champions League trophy.

Several years after retiring, to be precise in 2018, Eric Abidal returned to Barcelona, ​​but this time no longer as a player, but as technical director replacing Roberto Fernandez.

However, in that position, Abidal could no longer last for six years, after only working for two years, he decided to resign.

The decision of this man from France to resign was considered right by some parties. The reason is, during his tenure he often received criticism because the transfer policy was deemed inappropriate.

In addition, Abidal also had time to criticize the Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi. The feud between the two began with Ernesto Valverde’s dismissal from the managerial chair. He accused Messi of being the mastermind behind the dismissal.

Abidal was silent after officially parting ways with Barcelona, ​​but not long ago he uploaded a quite touching farewell via social media.

The 40-year-old man admitted that he had failed his duties as technical director.

“Over the last two years, I tried to make changes that I thought were very important for the first team. However, even with confidence and persistence, I failed,” he wrote.

Previously, there was news that Abidal had actually been fired by Barcelona management, not resigned. However, the news was immediately denied by those concerned.

He also prays for Barcelona so that they can rise up and be victorious again like in the past.

“While management voted on its conviction on Monday, I resigned on Tuesday, relinquishing rights in the final year of my contract with Barcelona,”

“Now the club situation is complicated, but I hope with all sincerity that they will recover and success will return as soon as this club deserves,” he concluded.

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