Officially left Barca, Rakitic sends message to Lionel Messi

Croatian midfielder, Ivan Rakitic has officially left Barcelona to return to the arms of his former club, Sevilla. Now, after parting ways with the Catalan giants, the player sent a message to Messi, who was later rumored to want to leave Camp Nou.

For information, Ivan Rakitic, who joined Barcelona since the summer of 2014, has spent six years with the Argentine superstar.

In other words, this Croatian player knows exactly how the figure and character of a Lionel Messi, both on the pitch and in the dressing room.

Rakitic was first rumored to leave Camp Nou, even since last summer. However, for some reason, he could only leave Barcelona this summer.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has just been rumored to be leaving Barcelona in the last few weeks. Regarding the speculation, Rakitic can only advise that the six-time Ballon d’Or winner stay at the Camp Nou.

This is because according to him, the best option for Barcelona players is to stay at Barcelona, ​​and Messi is no exception.

“I think the first and the best option for all the players is Barca,” Rakitic told Goal International.

Rakitic understands very well that every player has the right to determine his own future, but this 32-year-old midfielder thinks the most appropriate option is to stay at Camp Nou.

“Every player has to make decisions about their future. But for me, my first choice will always be Barcelona.” He said.

Although, he is quite close and has a good relationship with La Pulga, Rakitic admits that he does not know anything about Messi’s plans.

“What Messi has planned at this time, I honestly don’t know. You have to ask him directly.”

“I respect every decision he will make and as I said, all players have to make decisions about their future.” he said.

It was stated that Barcelona was still struggling to keep Lionel Messi next season. One of their surefire ways is to set a price tag of 700 million Euro for the player.

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