Offering the figure of Gareth Bale not easy as expected

Real Madrid’s burden in the next season is predicted to not be completely lost, as the intention to think of Gareth Bale in the transfer market this time is difficult to fulfill. According to some sources, if Madrid seem to have difficulty for offering Bale to many clubs.

The 2018-2019 season was the season where Bale’s name was so strongly rumored to be leaving the Santiago Bernabeu. At this moment speculation said that Bale’s relationship with Madrid was bad with supporters also taking part in it. Evidently in several EL Real matches, many fans criticized it.

This issue increased when Zinedine Zidane returned to Real Madrid. Zidane who once had a problem with Bale was reportedly dissatisfied with the player’s performance, on the basis, why Madrid no longer need him in the Spanish La Liga next season.

EL Real actually realized that the intention to sell Bale would not run smoothly, because until now there had been no signs of interest from outside clubs for the Wales national team’s main attacking services.

Madrid’s move was so visible, they came to offer to several top European clubs. In this case, Madrid tried to offer them a loan status with a permanent purchase option. But clubs like Manchester United, Bayern Munich and PSG are rumored to have objected to Madrid’s offer.

This objection is based on Bale’s selling price of 100 million Euros for his transfer this summer. Do not stop there, Bale also has a super high salary and he is not willing to reduce the salary demands.

The result is that many clubs fled Bale’s transfer to Madrid. Although included in the Madrid sale list next season, but many also see the figure of Bale still has the potential to have a positive impact on the pace of Madrid in the future.

This support was stated directly by the agent, Jonathan Barnett. Barnett also dared to ensure that Bale still had a sense of optimism to be able to last long at the Santiago Bernabeu next season. With this big hope, Bale is preparing to work harder, starting from now to be able to return in the form of his best performance.

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