Offered by Raffi Ahmad to be his second wife, here’s Nita Thalia’s answer…

Beautiful widow Nita Thalia recently admitted that she had received an offer from the Raffi Ahmad to become his second wife. So, what did the 38-year-old dangdut singer say about Raffi’s offer?

In fact, the offer was submitted by Raffi when she and husband of Nagita Slavina, were at the same event in 2017. However, at that time she completely ignored Raffi’s offer, considering that she was still the wife of Nurdin Rudythia.

But as is known, now that Nita Thalia is officially a widow, she was sued for divorce by her husband some time ago. So, will he consider Raffi Ahmad’s current status?

Firmly, this 38 year old woman rejected the offer.

“No (not accepting Raffi Ahmad’s offer), it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to talk about it again,” said Nita Thalia.

According to Nita Thalia, Raffi Ahmad currently has a harmonious family, has a beautiful wife and super kid.

Because of that, Nita Thalia refuses to be a bully of the Raffi household, who she considers her own friend and even prays for Raffi’s family and Gigi.

“Aa (Raffi) has Gigi (Nagita Slavina) and is happy with his household like that. Never mind. I don’t have to. Aa has everything, a beautiful, kind, and harmonious wife. His kid is growing up. Yes, I pray for happiness, Samawa continues like that, “she continued.

For Nita Thalia, Raffi Ahmad is a friend, she has never sparked controversy in her life. Raffi is a friend like Vicky Prasetyo, who recently offered Nita Thalia to become his second wife.

“Ah, I’m straight, I don’t want to be bothered by it. So I respond, ‘What the heck?’ Because friends are also old friends, like Bang Vicky are old friends. This kind of joking and relax, “said Nita.

Later, the name of Nita Thalia was talked by many people, because the dangdut singer has a sexy body posture, even though she is 38-year old.

Penulis: | 27 Januari 2021 | blog