Odion Ighalo’s answer over Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debate

The debate about who is better between Messi and Ronaldo is endless. Even the soccer players keep getting questions about this, and MU brand-new striker, Odion Ighalo has a different answer.

It must be admitted, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two best players in the world, at least in the last 20 years. Each of them has won more than 3 Ballon d’Or in the country. Ronaldo won 5, while the number achieved by Messi is still one degree more.

Yes, Messi is indeed superior to individual achievements. But talking about the title, Cristiano Ronaldo is better. The 35-year-old player has won the European Cup trophy with the Portugal national team. While Messi, has not been able to win the title with the Argentine national team.

La Pulga’s best achievement was to deliver Aregntina to the 2014 World Cup finals. As for goals scored, these two players are not much different. So it’s no wonder there is still a polemic about the best prepared between them.

Well, Odion Ighalo has a different opinion. According to him Ronaldo is a typical hardworking player who is extraordinary, while Messi is a natural talent. Only, this Nigerian player acknowledged that Ronaldo seemed to continue to try to pursue Messi.

“Because of hard work, I believe in hard work. Messi is blessed. Messi is a genius player, he is extraordinary,”

“But for Ronaldo who works hard every day to pursue Messi, trying to win, trying to do everything is something extraordinary,” he said, quoted by the Manchester Evening News.

On another occasion, another Manchester United player Nemanja Matic also expressed a similar opinion. In essence, Ronaldo and Messi are extraordinary players, so it is difficult to choose who is better.

“They are different. Ronaldo, of course, he has talent but most of his success, he made because of his hard work,”

“Messi is a talented player. I didn’t say if he didn’t work hard, he certainly worked hard, but they are different, “said Matic.

Penulis: | 14 April 2020 | blog