Novak Djokovic writes an apology after hitting a line judge

Tennis player Novac Djokovic wrote an apology via Instagram regarding the incident of hitting the ball against line judge during yesterday’s US Open round of 16 match. He reiterated that there was no element of intent in the incident.

Finally, the Serbian player faced Carreno Busta in the last 16 of the US Open. In the first set, he was 5-6 behind, annoyed, Djokovic then hit the ball hard without a target.

Who would have thought, the ball immediately hit a woman line judge who was guarding the match. Judge Garis, whose identity was hidden, was groaning in pain, luckily no serious injuries had occurred.

However, Djokovic was immediately disqualified so that Carreno Busta had the right to qualify for the quarter-finals. US Open organizers issued a statement that the sentence was based on Grand Slam rules.

The 33-year-old is considered to have deliberately hit the ball recklessly or carelessly without thinking about the consequences. Not only that, it was reported that Djokovic was also fined for his reluctance to attend the press conference after the match.

As is known, he immediately left the field after being disqualified from the US Open competition.

Not long after the match, Djokovic immediately wrote his apology via Instagram while reiterating that he did not intentionally hit the linesman.

“This whole situation makes me feel very sad and empty. I checked the linesman and the organizer told me that luckily he was fine. I’m really sorry that it made him so stressed out. It’s totally wrong.”

“I didn’t reveal his name out of respect for his privacy. As for disqualification, I need to go back and work on my disappointments and turn all this into a lesson for my development and my evolution as a player and an ordinary human.”

“I apologize to the US Open tournament and all related parties for my actions. I am very grateful to the team and my family for their unconditional support, and all the fans who have always been with me. Thank you and I’m sorry,” wrote Novak Djokovic.

Penulis: | 8 September 2020 | blog