Not Ronaldo, this is the key player of Juventus!

Cristiano Ronaldo is fair to say is one of the best players Juventus have at the moment, but that does not mean that Ronaldo is the most important players. Miralem Pjanic is said to be the key game for Juventis in the 2019-20 season.

This view was conveyed directly by the legend of Juventus, Alesia Tacchinardi. Now Juventus are full of new hopes along with coach Maurizio Sarri, who came as a new coach replacing Massimiliano Allegri.

When referring to previous tactics, it is very clear that Sarri’s tactics will be different from Allegri’s tactics. Sarri is known for its distinctive football style called Sarriball. The style of football relies on short passes from foot to foot, with a deep lying playmaker that is crucial in flowing the ball.

Sarri’s career in two clubs before Juventus, Napoli and Chelsea, there was Jorginho who filled that role. Jorginho is a Sarri-style game of life, it can be said that the player acts as a coach who manages all the plans for the start of the attack to survive.

Dissecting what will happen next season, Tacchinardi believes that it will not be very different in matters of the game. When with Chelsea yesterday, there was Jorginho, Sarri might play other players in that role, and if this plan was repeated again there would be no better player than Miralem Pjanic in the current Juve squad.

“Obviously everyone is on Cristiano, but for me, the key to Juventus is Pjanic. In addition to the ability to direct the game, he will give the intensity of the game as well as Jorginho, and lead the initial process of seizing the ball, fundamental to Sarri,” open Tacchinardi.

“Pjanic is more quality than Jorginho. If he succeeds in making a coach request, he will undergo a great season, ”

Not only curious about how to play Juventus later, but we can be sure they will play more offensively, and with that increase the potential of Cristiano
Ronaldo. Last 2018/19 season, Ronaldo’s ability was not really proven because of the tactics of Massimiliano Allegri.

Sarri could not be underestimated, where he was quite capable of giving new lives to many attackers. He did it for Gonzalo Higuain, and there is no reason for this compared to next season.

If it is aimed at Ronaldo, then this one player is believed to appear even sharper. Juventus can be even more confident to be able to realize their dreams as the winner of Champions League next season.

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