Not poor in performance, De Gea doubt with MU defense

Manchester United shows signs of improving overall performance, but there is one thing that is in the spotlight, none other than the performance of David De Gea who seemed to have decreased.

The latest, Manchester United won with a landslide 3-0 victory over Sheffield United. Indeed, in the game De Gea’s goal was not conceded, but overall this season the performance of the Spanish players seemed to decline.

He also often makes blunders as in games against Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. Of course this fact makes De Gea’s position in the Red Devils Main squad threatened.

Moreover, the fact that Manchester United also has a talented young goalkeeper in Dean Henderson. The England national team player is currently undergoing a loan spell with Sheffield United.

Interestingly, amid doubts about De Gea’s performance, interestingly Paul Parker has another opinion. The English Football Analysis considers De Gea’s poor performance to be based on external factors.

Parker considers the former Atletico Madrid player doubtful of the quality of the players who guarded the Red Devils defense. This is also what he thinks makes De Gea a hero, often doing important rescue, because of the dilapidated defense of the team.

Indeed, the arrival of newer defenders like Harry Maguire and Aaron Wan-Bissaka slightly improved the quality of Manchester United’s defense. However, De Gea still feels uneasy, because there is still a sense of mistrust.

“I am not surprised to see De Gea nervous, because he does not believe in the four defenders in front of him. When you believe in the defender, you will play much better, “Parker opened to Eurosport.

This is what makes Parker suggest MU to buy a brand-new defender and according to him Nathan Ake is the right figure to be a Maguire tandem.

“I think MU must make changes in the transfer market later. Harry Maguire shouldn’t play on the left side of the center back. He should be on his right, a more comfortable place,”

“I will cross out Victor Lendelof and bring in Nathan Ake from Bournemouth. Chelsea don’t seem to want him, so now is the right time to move,” Parker continued.

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