Not only Weird Genius, these 5 Indonesian musicians successful “Go International”

Netizens have recently been busy discussing the success of the ‘Weird Genius’ group band, led by Reza Arap, Eka Gustiwana and Gerald Liu, breaking into the international market. This can be seen from their large poster displayed in one corner of New York Time Square.

In fact, Weird Genius is not the only pride of Indonesian musicians at the international level. The following 5 musicians also succeeded in international stage, you know?

1. Rich Brian

Rich Brian, who used to use the alias name “Rich Chigga”, a few years ago uploaded a music video titled “Dat $ tik” which was very popular in America. Thanks to the single, Rich Brian was even recruited by an independent music label called 88Rising.

He has released two albums so far titled ‘Amen’ and ‘The Sailor’ and several singles.

2. Agnez MO

In contrast to Rich Brian who immediately exploded in the United States, Agnez MO or Agnes Monica first pursued a career in Indonesia.

After success in the country, Agnes then tried to go international. She has released several singles in the land of Uncle Sam, including Coke Bottle and Overdose. Agnez MO even won Social Media Awards at iHeart Radio Music Awards.

3. Joey Alexander

Unlike Agnez MO or Rich Brian, Joey Alexander is not a singer but a young pianist whose name is known globally.

He even won a Grammy Award in the Jazz Instrumental Album and Improvised Jazz Solo categories for the Giant Steps album at the 2016 Grammy Awards and Improvised Jazz Solo for the Countdown album in the 2017 Grammy Awards.

4. Anggun C Sasmi

Actually, Anggun used to be known as one of the country musicians, but her career was not so brilliant. Precisely while settling in France and getting married there, Anggun managed to release a number of songs that were quite popular such as Snow on the Sahara, A Rose in The Wind and several others.

5. Stephanie Poetri

And lastly there is Stephanie Poetri, the biological child of Titi DJ who was so popular on YouTube through the release of the song ‘I Love You 3000’ which was inspired by the big screen film ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Like Rich Brian, Stephanie Poetri is now shaded by the independent label 88Rising.

Penulis: | 14 Juli 2020 | blog