Not a vape, this is the best way to stop smoking

Smoking is a bad habit, giving many negative effects to our body. Indeed, many smokers who have tried to stop these bad habits, it’s just that they are not the right way. Because, the assumptions circulating in the long term, using vape is one way to stop smoking.

Vape or Electric Cigarette does have a lower nicotine content than cigarettes, but in reality very few people can stop smoking with vape. This is precisely because of the low nicotine content in vape.

For example, if the body is accustomed to getting a nicotine intake of 10 percent a day, it will naturally rebel if it then gets a Nicotin intake of less than 3 percent a day. So that not infrequently, those who use vape will return to using conventional cigarettes.

Related to this, explained by the Chairman of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI) Dr. Agus Dwi Susanto, SpP (K), that the fact is that Vape is not an alternative or a way to stop smoking. In fact, WHO as the world health agency also emphasized it.

“WHO does not recommend e-cigarettes as an alternative to quitting smoking,” he said.

WHO also explained that so far there are only two ways to stop smoking, including counseling and psychotherapy, with the support of certain drugs.
“You can also come to the health center and can go to the hospital. There, pulmonary doctors will provide training, additional therapy and provide recommended smoking cessation drugs, “he said.

In increasing the level of success, the patient will usually do both counseling and giving medication. If we look in the mirror from developed countries like Britain and the United States, there are many ways to stop smoking. One of them by using the Nicotin Patch. Unfortunately, there is no Nicotin Patch in Indonesia yet.

However, that does not mean that Indonesians cannot stop their smoking habit, due to the fact that there are many doctors who have certificates for smoking cessation training.

“We have trained lung doctors, now there are more than 100 lung doctors who can provide this program in hospitals,” he concluded.

For information, a healthy lifestyle, avoiding drinks that contain caffeine is also one way to stop smoking.

Penulis: | 16 Januari 2020 | blog