Nora Alexandra admits she depressed when Jerinx was arrested

Celebgram and beautiful model, Nora Alexandra have been separated for the last two months with her husband, Jerinx SID. This is because the SID Band group personnel are languishing behind prison, because of the case with IDI.

Obviously, living life alone is never easy for Nora Alexandra, let alone the age of her marriage to Jerinx can be said to be only a lifetime.

Nora Alexandra also admitted that she had felt depressed because she had to separate from her husband. Moreover, revealed by Nora through her Instagram post, she could not meet Jerinx in person, who was in prison.

“Nora wants to tell an honest story, my friend, since her husband was detained until this moment Nora was depressed when her husband was arrested.”

“Now, thank God, I have started to accept the situation, even though Nora can only leave food and can’t see him in a person,” wrote Nora Alexandra on her Instagram.

In this post, Nora said she was grateful that her friends and family continued to provide support and took the time to accompany her when she had free time.

But still, as a wife she was clearly saddened to see him in such a different place as a prisoner. However, Nora believes everything will be beautiful in time and this will only be temporary.

“Until now, I am still confused about my mind, but I have to keep getting up to work, take photo shoots, I have to stay alive no matter how upset my heart is and how complicated my brain is.”

“I believe this is only temporary. The Universe will give me happiness with my husband later, “she continued.

Indeed, even though her husband is being jailed, Nora is seen to be active on Social Media, receiving endorsements and so on.

Furthermore, Nora also reminded Jerinx’s friends not to accuse her of nonsense, because even though her husband is currently in prison, she remains loyal.

“And for some JRX friends who still accuse me of being bad, thank you, do you know that my burden is heavy? Besides only being able to judge, what else do you know about me? Oh yeah, how are you, bro?” she added.



Penulis: | 28 Desember 2020 | blog