No one can match the qualities of Valentino Rossi

Lin Jarvis as Director of Yamaha Motor Racing believes that there is no other racer who can match his ‘complete’ Valentino Rossi. Not just a matter of achievement, but also about the character that is loved.

The rider nicknamed The Doctor began his career in the MotoGP event at the age of 17 years, precisely in 1996 ago. Now, Rossi is 41 years old and can be said to be at the end of his career.

Many MotoGP connoisseurs ask, will there be a new Valentino Rossi in the future?

In this regard, Lin Jarvis stressed that there will be no new Valentino Rossi in the future. When The Doctor has truly hung up his helmet, there will be no new Rossi.

Many things cannot be compared between other riders and Rossi, especially his humorous and cheerful character, so he is loved by many people.

“Don’t ever say no to things like this. If I remember when Vale was very young, that is, when he was just starting his career and starting to win, he was very happy and that’s why many people liked him,” Jarvis said in his MotoGP interview. .com

Personally, Lin Jarvis claimed to admire Valentino Rossi who according to him could consistently maintain his attitude, both inside and outside the race track.

“He was able to combine his extraordinary talent with his passion in the world of racing, with joy and feel the presence of his community,” he said.

Rossi’s achievements and record might be surpassed by potential young riders like Marc Marquez. But for the title ‘Complete’, Lin Jarvis believes there will be no one who can match The Doctor.

“But for the ‘complete package’, I don’t think anyone will surpass it, because Vale is unique. The next riders will have their own character, talent and style. Life continues, and it will be interesting to see the future,” he concluded.

Rossi himself will almost certainly remain racing in the upcoming 2021 season along with the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team. It’s just that until now there is still no official agreement between the two parties.

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