No CR7 on Sergio Remos’ wedding invitation list, what happen?

Saturday, 15 June 2019 is the moment where Real Madrid star, Sergio Ramos will hold a once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception as promised by himself. In preparation, Ramos planned to invite relatives and friends.

Interestingly here, when reliable sources say that from the large number of invited guests, there is no name of Cristiano Ronaldo. Spanish media said that if the wedding ceremony of Sergio Ramos and his lover, Pillar Rubio, would be a party that was different from the others and would certainly be very won in the bandage of the world elite.

Leaks of the luxury of the party can be said to be very reasonable, Ramos and Rubio is a famous figure in Spain. It was stated that the event will be held at Katerdral Seville, a world-famous classic place.

According to the organizers, these two couples prepared everything from food to 500 invitations. From the guest list, there are celebrity names such as David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Despite serving as an eternal rival, Sergio Ramos still invited Gerard Pique.

It is known if the Barcelona defender will make a long trip from Andalusia, with the wife of pop star, Shakira to attend to Ramos’s wedding. The names of Real Madrid stars such as Luka Modric, Zinedine Zidane, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Fernando Hierro, Ronaldo Nazario, Roberto Carlos, Vicente del Bosque and Iker Casillas will also enliven the party.

Now the most questionable is that there is no name Cristiano Ronaldo on the invitation list that will be spread by Ramos and Rubia. Even though Ronaldo and Ramos were known as close associates when they both defended Real Madrid.

Until now, the news is still blocking the hearts of fans of world football. Because there has been no official statement from Ramos or Ronaldo who is in a disadvantaged position. Ramos and Rubio themselves are known as long-lasting partners with broken endings.

Noted both of them began officially dating in the 2012 season ago. Their relationship has been blessed with three children named, Alejandro Ramos Rubio, Sergio Ramos Rubio and Marco Ramos Rubio. At the wedding reception, Ramos gave rise to a few unique rules.

The first is prohibiting invitations to use cellphones during the event. Second, more specifically for female guests must use the appropriate color of the dress so they are welcome to enter. Where the host fights guests wearing any clothing that is red, orange and green at the wedding.

The most recent and arguably strange is the existence of a password alias a special password for guests who will enter the church where they will undergo the blessing. Where invited guests must present a unicorn stamp on the entrance which is intended as the purpose of justification that the guest is truly an invitation.

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