Nicolas Pepe’s dilemma: Arsenal or MU?

The latest news seems to provide fresh opportunities for two elite English clubs, Manchester United and Arsenal. Investigated, both of them are targeting Nicolas Pepe, who certainly will be sold by Lille in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market.

Pepe is arguably the player who feels an extraordinary season with Lille. In this season, Pepe managed to score 18 goals and 11 assists in 31 appearances in French Ligue 1. Because of his excellent performances, now Pepe becoming the target of many European elite clubs.

The name of the club that is most interested at the moment is Manchester United, who are preparing the offer when the opportunity comes. Besides MU, there was a lot of interest from big European clubs, Lille also made sure that Pepe was ready to leave in the summer.

“I think he will definitely leave. All of this depends on the choice, we can accept because he wants to feel a greater increase in performance, “said Gerard Lopez as an important person in Lille.

Lopez added that the Lille side really didn’t want to release Pepe next season. Because of the expensive selling price, Lopez said his team had to sell Pepe to balance the club’s finances in the future.

“We were forced to sell it, because the current selling price was in a range that we could not ignore anymore. He must make choices for his career. I think he has decided to move, where the decision is good for his career,” said the president.

At the end, Lopez willing to lose Pepe who had given everything for Lille’s revival this season. He called the winger worthy of playing for a better club than Lille, so the best way for the player is to get new atmosphere and challenges next season.

For now there are no official offers from Manchester United or Arsenal, but what can be seen now is that the two teams are looking for new players in the transfer market next season on a mission to strengthen the team to compete in the Premier League champions 2019-2020.

Penulis: | 16 April 2019 | blog