Nicklas Bendtner uploaded his lover nude videos on Instagram?

Never devoid of controversies, this latest Nicklas Bendtner made a splashy buzz by successfully shaking up social media thanks to his girlfriend’s nude video posting on Instagram.

For now Nicklas Bendtner, a former Arsenal star, is playing for Norwegian club Rosenborg. Already for the past year, Nicklas Bendtner had an affair with a sexy model named Philine Roepstorff.

This love story ends his brief relationship with the mother of his son, Caroline Iuel-Brockdorff. Interestingly here is the status of widower makes Nicklas Bendtner’s attitude change, and is proven to make more bad commotion than the excitement of achievement in the world of football.

Call it when the commotion occurred when Nicklas Bendtner was sentenced to prison after beating a taxi driver. Now everything is back to him after doing crazy actions by uploading videos with his lover, naked on Instagram.

In the contents of the upload, you can see Philine Roepstorff climbing onto a suitcase and acting like a Superman flying. In the action, Philine looks very busy covering her very sexy and seductive breasts.

Philine seemed to circle the room with the luggage. The beautiful girl then did a little dance and jumped up and down after successfully doing the action. In the action, the 24-year-old sexy woman is still wearing super tight black underwear.

Meanwhile, Nicklas Bendtner’s action here can only laugh at his lover’s behavior above the bed. Interestingly here, the video upload on Nicklas Bendtner’s Instastory account only lasted an hour.

As if it’s already wet, Nicklas Bendtner has indeed deleted the video, but there have been many media and public who save the video. Much of the controversy created by Nicklas Bendtner, but much of this is offset by his career at Rosenborg.

Noted Nicklas Bendtner successfully scored many goals and recorded to date he has collected 35 goals in 86 matches since joining Rosenborg in the 2017 season. Not only that, he also helped deliver the club to be twice a champion of the Norwegian League and one Norwegian Cup.

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