Neymar will move out from Brazil squad?

The quality of Neymar is no doubt by Brazil national team coach Tite, but that does not necessarily make the star Paris Saint-Germain become the ‘golden boy’ in his squad.

The former Santos player has been part of the Samba Team for a long time. In total up to now, Neymar has packed 101 caps in all international events. His role in the team is also arguably important.

He is the mainstay in front of the opponent’s goal, it is also evident from the record goals so far. Neymar has scored 61 goals with the Brazilian national team. That number only lost to the two great legends of the samba team, Pele and Ronaldo.

It’s just that, until now the 27-year-old player has never been able to win the joint title with the Brazilian national team. His best achievement was to win on the Confederations Cup stage in 2013 ago.

Meanwhile, the closest competition that will be played by the Brazilian national team is the upcoming Copa America 2020. However, following the Coronavirus Pandemic that never abates, the competition will be postponed until next year.

Now, speaking of the figure of Neymar, Tite has absolutely no doubt the quality and ability of the Paris Saint-germain star. It’s just, Neymar is not a golden boy, who is guaranteed to always play in the first team.

“Neymar assures you, because he brings uncertainty to your game. Because he will offer individual or collective solutions that others cannot, and with him, the potential of the team is not the same, because he will shine.”

“The Neymar I am talking about is a person who is in full mental and physical capacitance. Neymar is very important, but it’s not irreplaceable,” Tite told France Football.

Meanwhile, the former Santos player was later linked with his own former club, Barcelona. Some believe Neymar will move closer to the Nou camp again next summer.

About this, Tite seemed to give his full support, if indeed the move made the player feel happier.

“I will move to a team where I will always feel happy. Be it as a person, as a human being and as a family, because I will be better professionally, “said Tite the other day.

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