Neymar wants return back to Barcelona with 110% confident

Neymar’s hope to return back to his former club, Barcelona, can certainly not be easy. Basically this opinion is impossible, but as time goes by, all possibilities begin to appear.

Mentioned through existing sources, Barcelona was looking for a way to be able to melt the hearts of Paris Saint Germain to release the player back to Camp Nou. According to various sources, one way that might make Neymar return is to offer some players plus money to soften PSG’s heart.

A sacrifice is so big, but that method is considered possible in the mission to bring home “the lost child” (Neymar). But, Neymar’s current selling price is around 300 million Euros! Barca may be able to fulfill it, but the club will be hesitant to spend so much money for one Neymar, who certainly has a lot of risk.

If we refer to the high price of Neymar, then you could say Barcelona’s own actions. Keep in mind how they negotiated with PSG in an effort to straighten out Neymar’s transfer in the previous two seasons. At that time, Barca agreed to release Neymar to Paris with a transfer value of 222 million Euros. Can be said here that PSG do not want to lose and want to get a bigger profit, when Barca are ready to repatriate it.

Mentioned that if Neymar is currently waiting and is not trying to enter into this realm or can be said to be careful. Neymar must keep his mouth, any speech can endanger this transfer effort as PSG is one team that always pays attention to the little things that come out of the mouth of the player.

Apart from this issue, Neymar is now seen enjoying his summer holiday with a surfer, Gabriel Medina. In the uploaded video released on his Instagram account, it was as if he wanted to confirm that he was keeping his physique as good as possible ahead of the new season.

On the one hand, Neymar is said to be very confident that he can return to Camp Nou. He will take every step needed to make everything as easy as possible for the Blaugrana. This self-confidence is said to have been delivered directly by Neymar to his former colleague in Barcelona.

Neymar’s conviction even confirmed that all the processes would be easy. After all the things that have happened in the past few years, the fact that Neymar once said he would not return to Spain, now all that seems untrue and that possibility is because Neymar is ready to apologize to Barcelona supporters.

Barcelona really understands that this will happen with the presence of the drama of the return of Neymar to the lap of his former club, although they understand the transfer effort is far from easy. But that belief will try to be utilized as much as possible with the remaining time.

The confidence shown by Neymar is a great support for Barcelona in its efforts to realize the current summer transfer. Apart from Barcelona’s efforts on the transfer market, it can be mentioned that Neymar’s hand could be the determinant of all this drama.

Penulis: | 2 Juli 2019 | blog