Neymar returns to Barcelona, Iniesta seems pessimistic?

Although the competition is still long, but mega Brazilian star, Neymar Jr. is still associated with his former club, Barcelona. Many predict the 27-year-old figure will be targeted by Read next summer. Related to this, one Barcelona legend, Andres Iniesta feels pessimistic, not about the opportunity for the player to return to Camp Nou.

Since the transfer market last summer, Neymar has indeed been widely associated with Barcelona, even the player himself had indicated his desire to return to Camp Nou. All efforts have been made by the Catalan giants, but in the end they failed to repatriate the Brazilian player to Camp Nou. Neymar survived at Paris Saint-German.

However, in fact Barcelona continues to be linked to Neymar, a claim later emerged that believed that negotiations would resume next summer. However, regarding this idea, it seems Iniesta felt pessimistic. Neymar has often been plagued by injuries, so he thinks it’s difficult for the player to perform at his best.

In addition, Barcelona also has four strikers at the moment, including Messi, Griezmann, Dembele and Suarez, so Neymar might not get a place in the first team.

“He is one of the best players in the world and certainly will be a great transfer. But there is a new problem whether Neymar is needed or where he will play, “said the former Barcelona smart midfielder.

Furthermore, Iniesta gives advice to several young Barcelona players who are still playing for the reserve team, one of them is Ruiq Puig. According to him, the young Spanish player has the potential to become a star in the future if he has a good work ethic and is good at utilizing the opportunities that come.

“Continue to play for Barcelona and take advantage in every game you play. If he is drawn to the first team, he must use it. He must be confident in talent and learn from seniors. “He said.

Barcelona itself began to seriously develop their academy, which is known as La Masia, also seen from the emergence of ansu Fati, who this season is often a mainstay on the front lines.

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