Neymar must return as Messi’s successor at Barcelona

If you really have the desire to return to Barcelona, ​​Neymar is advised not to hesitate to fulfill these wishes in the near future. The Brazilian star is believed to be the ideal successor figure for Lionel Messi.

Neymar had felt the glorious period when defending Barcelona in the period 2013-2017. Had won five titles in a season, precisely in the 2014/15 season including the European Champions League, Spanish La Liga and Copa Del Rey.

Two seasons ago, surprisingly Neymar decided to leave Barcelona. He joined Paris Saint-Germain via a transfer fee of 222 million euros, making him the most expensive player in the world to date.

The news that was heard at that time claimed that Neymar did not want to continue to be under the shadow of Lionel Messi, who was always the main actor in Barcelona. In other words, Neymar is determined to win the Ballon d’Or, the world’s best player trophy that has been his dream long ago.

Unfortunately luck does not take sides, Neymar never penetrate the top three candidates winning the Ballon d’Or when defending the French club. None other, the cause is due to the fact that PSG is not able to talk much on the European stage.

These facts make Neymar unsure of success if he survives, he then mengingginkan return to Barcelona. Unfortunately, the high price set by Les Parisiens prevented the Catalan giants from realizing Neymar’s return.

Even so, Neymar is expected to return to Barcelona in the near future by ex-Brazilian national team, Mazinho. According to him, the player is the ideal successor figure for Lionel Messi. Because the players nicknamed La Pulga may retire in the near future.

“Barcelona will be happy if he can come back tomorrow. He is a natural replacement for Messi. There is no other player who can replace Messi, “Mazinho told Radio Marca.

Lionel Messi has always played a very central role in the Barcelona squad. In fact, at the age of 33 years Messi is still a major Catalan frontman to date. It is inconceivable that in the end Barcelona lose players like Messi.

Therefore, they will target the figure of young players who could be the long-term plan of the club to replace La Pulga.

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