Neymar is at the same level as Messi and CR7

Although it is considered that some parties still cannot prove themselves worthy of being rewarded by the World’s Best Player or Ballon d’Or, Neymar is still considered to be the level with these two best players in the world in the past decade, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The same thing was told by one of the legend of Brazil National Team, Zico, who at the same time did not agree with the decision of coach Thomas Tuchel to place Neymar as number 10.

Neymar, 25 years old, was indeed predicted to be the best player in the world, continuing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who have dominated the award for more than a decade. Since his appearance with Santos, Neymar has been praised, especially when he joined Barcelona in 2013 ago and won the treble winner with the giant Catalan two years ago.

Unfortunately, Neymar is still difficult to compete with both players, until finally the concerned decided to move to Paris Saint-Germain last summer. At PSG, Neymar not only adapted to new colleagues, but also new positions, as this season coach Thomas Tuchel played it more often as number 10. According to Brazilian legend, Zico, Neymar’s position is the most appropriate is winger, not Number 10. But regardless, Neymar thinks he is on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo.

“Neymar didn’t play that role [as number 10], he was a winger and always like that. The club gave him number 10 because there was a big meaning in life as a Brazilian player. Maybe, the only thing like that is Romario, the striker who chose as number 11. But, every attacker from each club chooses number 10 because it represents the club’s big name. The clubs also make points on that. ”

“So, number 10 has weight, not only in the national team, but also in Brazil. That is a big reference. He is a star player in the team, so he received number 10. I think Neymar in that situation, obviously gets more pressure. Every great player stands out in victory, but is full of pressure in defeat. But he is an extraordinary player. He has other rare talents in football. I put it at the level with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi,” said Zico.

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