Neymar accused of raping woman in Paris

Big fans of French football are being overwhelmed by curiosity as Paris Saint Germain star, Neymar is faced with a case of alleged rape of a woman in Paris on May 15, 2019.

The emergence of this case received a rebuttal from Neymar. Currently the player is with the Brazilian national team in the Copa America preparatory training session, and looks to try hard to refute all the negative accusations. In his efforts, Neymar posted WhatsApp messages between himself and the woman.

This scandal received a response and is being processed by the police in Sao Paulo. Based on reports, the woman knows Neymar via Instagram. From the various processes that exist, both parties finally agreed to meet at a super-luxurious hotel in Paris named Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe on May 15, 2019.

Everything went so fast, based on the confession of the victim, at that time Neymar was drunk. Then, Neymar immediately became very aggressive, and forced to having sex by using violence.

After this bad incident happened with such of big regret, the woman returned home to Brazil after two days after. Interestingly here, before returning home, the woman had made a report on this incident to the French police.

Referring to this case, Neymar’s analysis team moved quickly and immediately released that accusation was a form of extortion planning against Neymar. Through his own action, Neymar denied this accusation through a 7-minute video on Instagram. Through the video, Neymar even showed a long conversation with her, including the vulgar photos that she sent.

“It was a trap and I finally fell in love, but it became a lesson for the future. There are people who want to exploit and blackmail others, which is very sad. Obviously this hurt me, and my whole family. I was raised well and saddened by this. I have to try something sincere and honest, because I am like this and honest,” wrote Neymar on his personal Instagram account.

Support continued to flow from various figures, including Neymar’s father, Neymar dos Santos, who claimed that all of this was a planned trap. “This is definitely a trap,” said Neymar’s father at one of the TV Band shows in Brazil.

Since joining Paris Saint Germain in the 2017 season from Barcelona, Neymar’s name has not been more popular. The figure of Neymar is better known as a world-class soccer star, who often presents controversy and the attitude of the player is not appropriate to be a role model by today’s young generation.

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