New study shows this drug can kill Coronavirus within 48 hours!

Researchers and medical experts are constantly trying to find effective vaccines to eradicate the Coronavirus. So far, it hasn’t been found, but there are studies that claim that they found a drug that works to eradicate the COVID-19 virus within 48 hours.

The study came from Monash University and the Doherty Institute. Both work together to find the right medicine. In that study, it was discovered that the drug Ivemectin was very effective in killing the growth of COVID-19 virus in just 48 hours.

As for information, Ivermectin is actually an anti-parasitic drug that has previously been proven effective in dealing with a variety of diseases including HIV, Dengue, Influenza, and Zika.

Well, a number of researchers from Australia have also discovered the fact that the drug can eradicate Corona Virus or COVID-19. Explained by Kylie Wagstaff as the leader of this study, that the drug can stop the growth and development of cell culture from the virus itself.

“In fact we found that a single dose can basically remove all viruses for 48 hours and even at 24 hours there is a very significant reduction in that,” explained Wagstaff.

It is not known exactly, how this Ivermectin can eradicate Corona Virus. According to him, the drug is most likely to stop the performance of the virus by weakening the strength of stem cells from the virus.

The study, published on Antiviral Research on Friday (3/4/2020) was conducted in vitro or in a laboratory. Therefore, clinical trials on humans directly do need to be done to find out the results.

Even so, Wagstaff himself is very confident that the drug Ivermectin can be used as an alternative, as long as the COVID-19 Virus vaccine has not been found. Therefore, he and the research team plan to continue this study, finding the right dosage to be applied to the human body.

“Ivermectin is very widely used and is a safe drug. We need to find out how many doses are effective in humans, “he said.

Corona virus, or COVID-19 alone has infected more than 1,300,000 people worldwide. While in Indonesia, the Positive Corona case that has been confirmed reaches 3,500 people.

Penulis: | 13 April 2020 | blog