New ride can boosts Vinales’ confidence to be the world champion

The postponement of the 2020 campaign does not necessarily make the Spanish Rider, Maverick Vinales lose confidence. He still believes he can be a world champion this season with a new ride from Yamaha.

The name Maverick Vinales has indeed begun to be taken into account lately. As from the rider won several positive results in the 2019 campaign yesterday, where he won in the Netherlands and Malaysia.

The 25-year-old figure almost even won in Australia, too bad he fell on the last lap. Because of his slick performance and the fact that he was still very young, Vinales then got a number of offers, including from the Ducati Team.

However, in the end the Rider decided to stay at Yamaha, and now he is the mainstay of Yamaha’s Monster Monster Energy. The Japanese manufacturer then entrusted a new ride to Vinales.

This season, he drives the YZR-m1 with a manufacturer spec. Vinales was happy with the ride because it was assembled according to his wishes, increased engine power and higher peak speeds. As a result, the rider became the fastest in two trials last season in February.

Vinales then reiterated that his targets were always the same, becoming world champions.

“If you want to win the world title, you have to take the podium in every race. That is the target of all riders. We have a motorbike that works very well. I myself have to work hard, because the target in my life is to become a world champion, nothing else, “he said as quoted by Corsedimoto.

The new horse makes Vinales more confident, moreover the ride makes his rhythm throughout the race stable and consistent. He is determined to be the fastest in the campaign this season, ready to play hard to beat his rivals.

“The rhythm of racing is Yamaha’s main strength, and this year I have worked even harder to improve it. When I insisted, our motorbike could work perfectly and I felt comfortable. Our motorbike is better. The speed increases at least 6-7 km / hour, “he said.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the first MotoGP series this season will roll out, after the first five series were officially postponed.

Penulis: | 8 April 2020 | blog