New food trends that viral during the Coronavirus Pandemic

It has been almost two months since the Coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed the economy in many sectors, making life as usual. Naturally, staying at home is one of the best preventive measures that can be done by the community at this time.

But on the one hand, it makes many people have to lose their jobs, on the other hand there are those who feel the wisdom. Not a few positive things that emerged as a result of this pandemic, including the new food trends that were recently discussed. Anything?

  1. Milk Cake

In the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic that is endemic in the Land of the Rising Sun, Milk Cake is becoming a trend. In fact, in Japan itself this cake has even been popular for about 1,000 years ago. So, why is the new milk cake popular again?

The reason is truly noble, to help dairy farmers who have lost their consumers since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. Dragon Fruit Bread

In Vietnam, new food trends have emerged since the Coronavirus Outbreak struck, Dragon Fruit Bread. Dragon fruit bread is bread made from dragon fruit. The reason, similar to milk cake, is to help dragon fruit farmers.

Because the dragon fruit farmers can no longer export the healthy fruit to the largest importer country such as China. The Vietnamese government bans exports or imports with the Bamboo Curtain country.

  1. Bread of War

Cake making groups in the UK re-popularized Britain’s national loaf, which is processed bread made from whole wheat. Actually, this Bread has existed since the era of the Second World War in 1942 ago, hence it is called the Bread of War.

After more than 70 years, wheat bread is now re-emerging and popular. That happened because in England was experiencing food shortages in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  1. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee has become a topic of conversation among Indonesians, where this drink was very trendy in South Korea. The people there make café-style coffee preparations by combining sugar, water and stirred coffee in such a way as to form soft foam.

Soft foam from coffee will be mixed with pure milk in a glass. How does it taste? The Korean people say it tastes like a typical candy there, called by the name Dalgona.

Penulis: | 16 April 2020 | blog