Natural treatments for dry and chapped lips

Cold weather in the rainy season makes the air temperature becomes humid, and when this condition occurs, not only internal diseases that come, diseases that attack the skin can befall us. For example, dry and chapped lips. This situation is triggered by humid air, if allowed to drag on the condition will get worse.

Not a few people who feel pain in their lips because it is dry and cracked, and some even experience bleeding. Therefore, it is very important to maintain health in winter like this. But if the lips are already dry and cracked, the following four natural ways can heal them.

Honey and sugar

Sugar and honey are very effective to moisturize dry and chapped lips, of course not to drink them, but by applying directly to the lips. Make a mixture of sugar and honey, then apply on the lips and massage gently. Use lip moisturizer after cleaning. Do it in the morning and evening.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera contains Vitamin E which nourishes our skin. Of course, it’s better to use aloe vera that we pick directly instead of using aloe vera cream in the market. Just apply aloe vera extract to dry or chapped lips as your morning and evening routine, then the lips will be “healthy” again.


For those who want their lips to look natural red, the solution is with beets. Beet juice extract with a mixture of cream, almond oil, and honey then leave overnight on the lips. Make sure to consume mineral water as needed to keep your lips hydrated.

Pomegranate seeds and milk

Pomegranate contains natural pigments that can restore the red color on lips that are blackened due to dryness. Mix pomegranate seeds and milk then apply on lips for 15 minutes to dry then clean with warm water. Just like the previous way, do it regularly to get the best results.

Penulis: | 3 Januari 2020 | blog