Nainggolan reveals why always rejected Juventus offers

Radja Nainggolan is said to be an ‘anti-Juventus’ player, which also makes him continue to reject offers from Bianconneri so far. However, this assumption is refuted by the player.

Indonesian bloody midfielder has indeed performed brilliantly together with Cagliari. His brilliant performance even made the player a target of a number of clubs including the reigning Serie A champions Juventus.

However, Nainggolan never received proposals from Juventus. He actually prefers to join AS Roma, even though Gialorossi could not guarantee the Scudetto to the Belgian player, it was very different from Juve who had triumphed at the time.

His refusal made Nainggolan regarded as an anti-Juve player, but this assumption was denied. He did not hate Juventus, but instead playing for Bianconneri did not make him feel challenged.

“I don’t hate anyone but they always make me nervous. I will never play for Juventus because winning the scudetto by playing five games a season is not suitable for me,”

“Winning 10 Scudetto in Turin is normal. To win it once in Roma or any club is better for me,” Nainggolan said as reported by Sportskeeda.

With AS Roma, Nainggolan did look brilliant, but he did not win any championship. Interestingly, Nainggolan is still not interested in joining Juventus, he actually received an offer from Inter Milan.

“I chose a different path. You don’t need to choose a club that always wins, “he said about the decision.

It’s just that his career with the Nerazzurri was not so bright. He finally returned to Cagliari last summer as a loan player, due to new coach Antonio Conte. The former Juve Manager cannot guarantee the player’s performance.

Furthermore, Nainggolan spoke up about the public’s perception so far, that he was a figure of a naughty player and was often involved in conflicts in the dressing room.

This assumption is also refuted by those concerned.

“Everything that has been written that I like to cause problems in the locker room is not true. I have my own character, but I’ve never made a problem, “said Radja Nainggolan.

Penulis: | 28 April 2020 | blog