Mystery of Emiliano Sala’s death now entering a new chapter?

The mystery of the death of the former Cardiff City player, Emiliano Sala, is increasingly curious and is now entering a new round that is always interesting to look forward to. The police have recently secured a figure of an adult man suspected of committing an act of murder.

It is certain that Salah died on the way from Nantes to Cardiff to formalize him as a new transfer recruit. But unfortunately the trip must end tragically with the plane he was in an accident.

The moment of stress brought a story where Sala boarded a private plane called the Malibu Piper numbered ‘N264DB’. The plane lost contact in the north of the Alderney Sea, Guernsey, Channel Channel. The death of Sala left severe wounds on the head and shoulders and his body was relatively destroyed.

That status even leaves a story where the Wrong body can only be recognized by fingerprints. The bad thing is that the body of pilot David Ibbotson has not yet been found. Apart from the sad story, just recently Dorset Police stated that there was a true arrest of a 64-year-old man to be used as an investigation into the case.

“We decided to carry out a thorough investigation into the case of Mr. Sala’s death and continue to work with agency partners including the civil aviation authority,” statement from Dorset Police Criminal Investigation Team representative Simon Huxter.

“The investigation phase must present the existence of criminal evidence and as a result of our ownership today, Wednesday 19 June 2019, we have arrested a 64-year-old man from North Yorkshire on murder charges. He helped with our ownership and was released from detention and is still under investigation,”

The police dare to guarantee that they will continue to carry out investigations until they really get the desired results. However, his party still does not want to release deeper information so that it becomes the privacy of the victims and the agency.

The death of Sala himself became a sad moment for the world of football, especially for the Welsh public who really hoped the player’s career could be successful in the realm of the English Premier League.

Penulis: | 20 Juni 2019 | blog