MU Legend: Liverpool deserves to win this season

His status as a Manchester United legend does not necessarily make Edwin Van Der Sar associate with the fact that rival clubs, Liverpool appear fierce this season. He also considers Jurgen Klopp’s troops deserved to be rewarded with a Premier League title if the competition is stopped.

Seeing the current Premier League standings, Liverpool is indeed at the top, far ahead of 25 points over Manchester City who are in second position. Jurgen Klopp’s troops managed to collect 82 points from 29 matches.

That is, Liverpool only need to win two more wins to win their first Premier League title in 30 years. But suddenly, the competition was suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has been two months since the suspension took place, the league has not yet continued. In fact, there were rumors that the competition would be annulled and the title not given to Liverpool. Well, Van Der Sar does not agree with that opinion.

The reason, according to him Liverpool is not just superior to the number of points, but indeed performed brilliantly since the beginning of the campaign this season.

“In my opinion, with the football they play and the superiority of points, a title not given is not fair,” Van der Sar said as reported by Sportskeeda.

But, it seems that the discourse to stop the competition will not be realized. In fact, the Premier League is reportedly preparing health protocols so that the league can be rolled out again. This plan was none other than the coronavirus pandemic which seemed to be winding down.

The British government has even given concessions to the Regional Quarantine rules. However, Van Der Sar could not say much about this possibility, because in his country, the Dutch Eredivisie had been officially cancelled.

“Whether the league will continue or not, what impact will this have on the Champions League, relegation, or giving the championship title to Liverpool,” he said.

Well, if it is finally stopped or cannot be continued, according to him, Liverpool deserves the title. He felt that all clubs would agree with the idea.

“If the league cannot be started, I think everyone will accept if Liverpool win,” he said.

Dutch Eredivisie has indeed been officially terminated, as well as the Belgian pro league and French Ligue 1.

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