MU and Barca no more interest in Milinkovic

European rich clubs, Manchester United and Barcelona are claimed to no longer have the intention to pursue the signature of the Lazio star, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. It has been hot news that what happened to the two clubs is true, as they are pursuing Milinkovic-Savic’s signature.

His aggressive performance almost gave the top 4 position to Lazio if he did not lose in the last weeks of the Italian Serie A. Not only Manchester Unite and Barcelona, the figure of Milinkovic-Savic also got an interest from Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

All began to change when he appeared on the 2018 World Cup stage in Russia, along with the Serbian national team as Milinkovic-Savic decided to stay at Lazio. Seen the decision was wrong, where the game Milinkovic-Savic began to decline.

From 21 games played by Milinkovic-Savic, he was only able to reach 3 goals. Raihan is clearly very different from last season, where he successfully created 12 goals from 35 matches. This situation makes Barca and the Red Devils interest diminish.

If only last season Milinkovic-Savic received a proposal from the Red Devils or Barcelona, then the selling price could reach 100 million euros. Seeing what happened, Lazio became aware of themselves by lowering Milinkovic-Savic’s selling price.

This situation forced Lazio to immediately sell Milinkovic-Savic, where the profits could still be obtained by them while Milinkovic-Savic’s performance was not too bad. The upcoming 2019 summer transfer window is the second step to immediately get the club for Milinkovic-Savic.

Penulis: | 2 Maret 2019 | blog