MU already showed developments, but still need new players

Garry Neville was pleased to see developments shown by Manchester United recently. However, the former Red Devils captain still suggested club management to recruit new players.

Since the change of last year, Manchester United has indeed shown a pretty good increase in performance. Until now, they have even recorded 15 matches without defeat.

This improved performance is also supported by the return of important players such as Paul Pogba who is recovering from injury. On the other hand, there are Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, the two young Manchester United attackers are increasingly sharp on the front lines.

In his latest match in the English Premier League, the team made by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer managed to win 3-0 over Brighton and Hove Albion. Newer midfielder Bruno Fernandes bought up two goals, while one more goal was scored by Mason Greenwood.

Manchester United’s impressive performance made the club legend, Gary Neville, also pleased. According to him, the performance of the Red Devils is now much better compared to two years ago.

“This team is far more preferable than what was here two years ago when you thought Manchester United’s recruitment had lost its way,” Gary Neville was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

Even so, Gary Neville still reminded Manchester United not to feel complacent, given the fact that no achievements have been achieved to date. Even the club also has not penetrated the top four of the standings

“Manchester United are fifth in the Premier League. They have a better squad with young players. But there is still some work to be done in the transfer market to bring this team to the title winners. ” He said.

That reason is what makes Neville ask Manchester United to continue to consider purchasing brand-new quality in the upcoming transfer market. At least three to four new players are enough.

“There is more needed and more is needed: Three or four high-quality players like Bruno Fernandes to take them to the point where they can challenge the title,” concluded Gary Neville.

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