MU advised not to hesitate to spend big money for Saul Niguez

Paul Ince asked Manchester United not to hesitate to spend money for the sake of recruiting Spanish midfielder, Saul Niguez. He believes the 25-year-old could be an extraordinary recruit for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men.

Lately, Manchester United is indeed rumored to be looking for a new midfielder in the upcoming transfer market. They lacked a midfield option in their team, especially as Paul Pogba was widely rumored to be leaving Old Trafford.

A number of names have reportedly been bagged by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be purchased this summer. Well, the name Saul Niguez is said to be in the top of the list of coveted Red Devils midfielders.

The interpreter of tactics is even believed to have asked the club management to work on this transfer. It’s just that, the club is believed to object because the tag of 135 million Pounds set by Atletico Madrid for the buggy.

Ince feels Manchester United need to recruit Niguez, even though they have to spend very deep pockets for the player.

“What United fans need right now is an interesting player and can also be a hero to them,” Ince told the Daily Star.

After seeing his performance over the past three years, the Spanish midfielder is deemed to have met the criteria for special players needed by Manchester United.

“I’ve watched Niguez for the past two or three years and I really like him. He has good posture and he can score special goals.” He said.

Indeed, £ 135 million is not a small number, but Paul Ince views Saul as a very good investment. He is young, talented and has proven himself with Atletico Madrid.

“He has a good character and he is young and has a lot of potential.”

“But the problem is that it cannot be obtained for a small fee. If United decide to pursue it later, then they must think about what happened to Paul Pogba,” he said.

As for Saul, he is still under contract at Atletico Madrid until 2026, the price tag is very high.

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