Mourinho heaps praise on Eden Hazard before against Chelsea

Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho is not reluctant to praise his rival club player, Eden Hazard, who is his former team at Chelsea. He also admitted he would be very happy if that Belgian player joined Manchester United, but Mourinho was aware that Chelsea would not release Hazard.

Over the past few years, Hazard has always been a mainstay of Chelsea, although he experienced a poor performance last season, which totally impacted Chelsea’s overall performance, but the Belgian star is recognized as one of the Premier League’s best players, maybe even one best in Europe.

This season, the former Lille player is back to being the mainstay of the Blues, handled by a new manager, Maurizio Sarri. In fact, Hazard helped Chelsea sit on the 2nd place in the Premier League standings. Interestingly, this weekend, Hazard will face Manchester United which is handled by his former coach, Jose Mourinho.

If we talk about Hazard, Mourinho cannot deny the fact that the Belgian is a great player. Of course, he is happy if he joins Old Trafford, but the Portuguese coach also believes Chelsea will not sell that 27-year-old player.

“Of course I would be happy if Hazard strengthened Manchester United, but Chelsea certainly won’t sell it. This doesn’t matter. History states, when Eden Hazard became the best player in the Premier League, Chelsea won. That happened with me and Antonio Conte.”

“Chelsea are now at the top of the standings, because they have players of the Hazard caliber who can offer a big difference. Chelsea are now led by people who are smart and full of experience. I think they will never sell Hazard to Manchester United. Hazard is a nice figure, we have good relations, we were the first winner. For the first time Hazard became the best EPL player with me,” said Mourinho at a press conference ahead of the match which will take place at Old Trafford.

Mourinho himself is in a situation that is not conducive, with a lot of criticism directed at him following a series of disappointing results that Manchester United got at the start of the season.

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