Mourinho: Coach at Chelsea is easy!

The Tottenham Hotspur coach boasted ahead of the match against Chelsea, saying that managing the London club was not a difficult matter.

Chelsea itself is known as a team that likes to change coaches. Recently, they also sacked Frank Lampard from the manager’s seat, after the former player had only managed the first team for approximately 18 months.

The Blues then appointed former Paris Saint-Germain coach Thomas Tuchel to replace him. Well, the decision was then questioned by Jose Mourinho.

Comparing Lampard with himself during his time at Chelsea, Mourinho then wondered. How come? Lampar could last two seasons without a trophy, but he was sacked after presenting trophies in two different eras.

In fact, according to the Portuguese coach, it is very easy to handle Chelsea, which already contains top players. Not only did he prove this, but also several other coaches such as Carlo Ancelotti and Antonio Conte.

“I don’t think it’s too difficult to train Chelsea because I’ve won three times, Ancelotti has been a champion, Antonio Conte has also won. So it shouldn’t be too difficult because we won a lot of titles there.” said Mou to Sky Sports.

Mourinho considers that the difference between Chelsea and other teams is that the squad is always ready to provide opportunities for the coach to lead the team to win titles.

“I believe Chelsea will always have the best players, the best squad, and the best coaches are certainly happy to be working with a club like that,”

“Also working with players who can give you a good chance to succeed and win titles.” added Mourinho.

Furthermore, the media crew asked about the reason why Frank Lampard, as one of his former directors, failed at Chelsea, even though he had great success there.

Regarding this, Mourinho thinks a coach needs stability, and of course Lampard as a coach who just “yesterday afternoon” needs stability from his coaching experience.

“I understand your question [the media], and of course the coach needs time and needs stability, it is very good to have stability,” concluded Mou.

Penulis: | 4 Februari 2021 | blog