Morbidelli sympathized with Alex Marquez after being sacked by Honda

Although his mentor, Valentino Rossi is a rival of Mac Marquez, does not necessarily reduce Franco Morbidelli’s respect for Alex Marquez. He claimed to be sorry to see the fact his colleague was kicked out of Honda.

In fact, so far there has been no official confirmation from Honda regarding the recruitment of Pol Espargaro for next season’s campaign. It’s just that there are already many who believe that the Spanish Rider will leave KTM to move closer to the single wing manufacturer next season.

In other words, Espargaro will compete with Marc Marquez to replace Alex Marquez in the Repsol Honda Team next season.

Of course this is disappointing for Alex Marquez, the article this season he just underwent his debut in MotoGP. In fact, the 24-year-old rider has not recorded his first race with Repsol Honda.

That is because the coronavirus pandemic which made the first few MotoGP series this season must be postponed.

That fact also reportedly made the Repsol Honda team have to immediately make decisions about the composition of the team next season, and of course they could not take the risk by maintaining non-experienced riders.

But apart from that, Franco Morbidelli said he was sorry to see the situation experienced by Alex Marquez.

“I try to imagine being in Alex’s position, because I know him well. I feel sorry because he is doubtful even before he even runs a race.

But MotoGP is indeed a world that only gives you a little time, “said Morbidelli as quoted by Corsedimoto.

Morbidelli also talked about Danilo Petrucci who was kicked out of Ducati but found a new place, KTM Tech 3 next season.

“I’m happy for Petrux. He is a fantastic person. He deserves to stay in MotoGP, “he said.

In fact, Franco Morbidelli was also in the final year of his contract with the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team, and until now there has been no new contract. However, this dropout from the VR46 academy was not worried about this fact.

“That’s because we all feel very calm and believe in the good relations we have,”

“Quarantine gives me time to reflect. I came to understand that I really loved my work, and I wanted to try my best. Now I have ended the quarantine period with energy that has been fully refilled, “concluded Morbidelli.

Penulis: | 2 Juli 2020 | blog