Morbidelli believes wouldn’t bicker with Rossi at Petronas SRT

Franco Morbidelli is likely to become a tandem from his own mentor, Valentino Rossi in the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team next season. The 25-year-old rider believes he will never bicker with the Doctor.

The 23-year-old rider is one of the results of Valentino Rossi’s academy education known as VR46 Academy. Even those concerned have joined since 2010, and Rossi is so patient in mentoring Morbidelli.

Thanks to the talent he has, Morbidelli continues to grow and eventually manages to penetrate MotoGP and become part of the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team since this season.

Well, what’s interesting is that Morbidelli is 16 years adrift with Valentino Rossi likely to become a tandem in the Yamaha SRT Petronas Team next season. The reason is, The Doctor certainly expelled from the Yamaha Monster Energy Team following the arrival of Fabio Quartararo.

Although no agreement has been reached between Rossi and Petronas, Morbidelli is ready to welcome the mentor and believes he will not quarrel with the legend.

“I don’t know, I don’t think we’ll bicker. My relationship with Vale is obviously very close, but it’s not like what I can have with a big sister, even though I also don’t know what kind of relationship you can have with a big sister … “said Morbidelli.

Usually, riders who have good relations with other riders are vulnerable to bickering, for example Rossi and Marc Marquez. Previously, the two figures were known to be very close, but fierce rivalry kept their good relations from failing.

However, Morbidelli did not necessarily feel that it could make his relationship with Rossi deteriorate in the future.

“I’m not sure that meeting with people you know well actually makes you disagree with him. I’m not sure if we have a team then we will bicker.” He said.

Even so, the Italian racer insists that his target is to be at the forefront.

“Finish in front of him is always one of my targets on the track. The most fun and tense battles are battles that you play with your friends, because you definitely want to show that you are better than him,” concluded Morbidelli.

Penulis: | 11 Juni 2020 | blog