Money, the main reason for Bale insistence in Real Madrid

Amid the issue of Real Madrid‘s sale on behalf of Gareth Bale, now there is news of opposition coming from the player himself, who admits he wants to stay at the Santiago Bernabeu until his contract expires.

Interestingly here, when Bale forces to stay and asks for the remaining salary at the end of his contract, despite having to watch his teammates play from the bench. Maybe Bale’s statement was proven correct, seen in the final match of the Spanish La Liga 2018-2019, on Sunday, 19 May 2019 yesterday. Bale must accept the reality of being on the bench.

What’s worse, when Zinedine Zidane learned that his team lost 2-0 to Real Betis, it seemed the coach didn’t want to play Bale. When Zidane made sure to return to handling Madrid, he claimed he was ready to make a major overhaul.

Then, Zidane asks the club to form a team that meets his expectations, and does not want any interference from other parties. Bale is one of the players who was threatened by Zidane, heard also the relationship between these two figures deteriorated as the mental fall played EL Real.

One strange attitude was shown by Zidane, where every time asked about Bale, he never gave a definite answer and until finally, Zidane gave certainty that the player would not get a place in his squad next season.

“It is right, I did not give Bale a chance to say goodbye. If I have one more player change, I won’t do anything different. We must not forget what he did here, but I must live in the present, think of the future. Let’s wait and see. I honestly don’t know what will happen,” said Zidane at a press conference on weekend.

The more stressful thing is Bale never get a place when all the players took to the field and gave applause to fans in the final game of the season. It turned out that Bale was not in that place and was known to immediately run into the locker room leaving Stadium.

In this difficult situation, the famous Spanish media got a leak from Bale’s teammate in Madrid. Where Bale insists on staying under pressure and whatever happens, because he still wants to feel a big salary.

“I have three years left on my contract. If they want me to leave, they have to pay me 17 million Euros every season. If not, I will stay here. And if I have to play golf, I will. “Bale said.

If we dissect it in its entirety, then the situation and condition of the Madrid dressing room is not good. Zinedine Zidane has called players one by one to explain his plans, but Bale is considered to be the most difficult to negotiate.

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